About Divorce Mediation

You both know that separation, and maybe divorce, is coming, but you fear the process. Or maybe there are problems with a loved one’s estate that could tear your family apart. You want something different than the years long, out for blood, court battle. You want peace. You want no further damage to your family.
As a former judge and litigator who represented hundreds of families in all types of family litigation, I know that fear and anger can drive people to court. I know divorce litigation can be some of the most exhausting, expensive, and emotionally draining litigation there is. I also know that it will cost tens of thousands of dollars and it won’t lead to peace. It will likely make everything worse.
I want to show you a different way. A way to resolve all family issues, especially separation and divorce, without the war and without the astronomical cost that comes with the war.
It can be done. You don’t have to give in or get steamrolled to get a resolution. You don’t have to have your life or money hijacked for the next two years. There is another way. You can have a healthy divorce or find healthy ways to resolve family conflict. If you live in NC, I can help you.